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Mark Abukoff - iPhone XS

I’d come around the last turn, going too fast and overcompensating, and then overcompensating in the other direction, and maybe a third time. Then I hit some obstruction, went airborne, and flipped in the air. As I crossed the finish line.

That perfectly sums up my experience with this game. It looks great. It is unforgiving (at least to an e-racer of my caliber). It is also hard to control. Very hard to control.

The touchscreen controls, while nicely responsive, were very poorly laid out in my opinion. I was able to use my Steel Series MFi controller, and that helped a bit, but not enough to make me want to come back, or really to recommend this game in its current state.

While there seems to be a fair amount of content and plenty of play modes, I don’t think I’ll explore it because the difficulty puts me off. Rush Rally 3 is gorgeous, yes, but needs work.