Cash is important in every facet of life. Unfortunately. And in video games, that's no different. In Knights of the Card Table, you'll need gold for a lot of things.

Just progressing through the game will require a lot of cash. So that raises a couple of questions. What will we be spending gold on, and where will we be earning it?

Two important questions and I have a set of important answers for you, especially if you're running low on cash to get further in the game.

Strap in and get your cards ready, because with these tips for Knights of the Card Table you will have everything you need to get ready for battle and progress through the entire game. Get your deck ready, it's time to duel. Or, erm, something like that.

Knights of the Card Table

Unlocking levels

The first thing you'll need gold for — and perhaps the most important thing — is unlocking levels. And this will quickly get expensive.

Each stage is unlocked in exchange for a coin investment. That's fine, and explains why earning coins in battle is pretty generous.

It becomes an issue though when you start progressing further and further into the game. There's loads of levels. Like, seriously, dozens upon dozens of levels. And each level will be more expensive to unlock than the one before.

Save all the gold you can on unlocking levels because it'll undoubtedly become your biggest investment to save for before long. Of course, you can spend your gold elsewhere, but do so sparingly.

Replaying older level might end up becoming necessary for you, in which case the longer Challenge stages are a great place to earn more gold if you need to replay.

Of course, Challenge stages are quite a bit tougher than the main stages, so go in prepared to do battle.