Langrisser Mobile cheats and tips - Advanced battle tips you must know

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Langrisser Mobile cheats and tips - Advanced battle tips you must know

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Langrisser Mobile has so much to offer tactical JRPG fans. There's a massive number of units, loads of tactical options in battle, and yes - you can even summon anime girls to help you. Finally, a game for all of us.

In Langrisser you'll be battling against evil armies and nefarious magic, so you'll need some essential and advanced combat tips in order to take them all down, right? Exactly, which is why we've got the info you need.

Take a look below for all of the Langrisser Mobile tips you could ever ask for.

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A balanced team

There are always two things I'm drawn towards when it comes to choosing my party. It's either my favourite characters, or the really powerful characters. It just feels natural to go to one of the two choices.

Unfortunately, it's not often that either of those decisions are actually the correct decision, and in a game like Langrisser, you need to be a bit smarter than that.

As mentioned in our first Langrisser tips guide, there are different kinds of units in the game, and how your unit and weapon choice fares against others is going to affect the tide of battle greatly.

You'll be able to see this at a glance when you're in range to attack your enemies - there may be a "Strong" or "Weak" marker on them to show how you fare against that type of unit.

You should learn all of the obvious type advantages - like flying units being weak to arrows - but to be ready for any situation, you need to make sure you have a balanced team.

A mage, a healer, a mounted unit, a swordsman… All of these unit types have their own advantages, and just stacking your party with the fast moving mounted units might see you moving quickly, but you'll inevitably get your team wiped without balance.

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All about positioning

Your position on the field will make a big difference in how your fight unfolds - and in addition to that, certain units will be unable to move into certain points.

Mountain regions for example will be impassable by standard mounted units, while foot soldiers will only be able to move a single square at a time. Flying units, meanwhile, will fly over with no movement penalty at all.

This is all for a small 10% defence increase while on mountain terrain. Forest terrain also offers 20% defence boost, and other terrain types can drastically change the way you strategise in battle.

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Waiting for their move

Don't you hate it when the enemies are just lying in wait, stood motionless until you approach? It's frustrating and can tempt you into placing units in unfavourable positions.

The Rock Lobster enemies will be the first enemies that force you to think about this - you want to move close to them, so they can approach you and attack, but ensure they have to leave the water to do so.

Having them leave the water will make them much more vulnerable, and ripe for destroying with your units. Use similar tactics to tempt out other awkward enemies in missions.

Don't go alone!

Mounted and flying units are great since they can move so far and so quickly, picking off awkward units in the corners of the map with ease while others would struggle just to get there. It's for that reason you should ensure you have one or two in your party.

But also, don't let them fly solo. Sending off a single unit to take care of a single enemy can be tempting, but should new enemies spawn, or other enemies near, you can quickly find the one unit you sent off being overwhelmed by enemies.

Keep an eye on the surroundings, and to ensure safety of certain units, use the Danger Zone function to be able to see where enemies are able to attack, and keep weaker units out of those sections.

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