Alien Blackout is finally here, and if you haven't yet jumped in to the alien themed survival RTS, you should know these essential tips.

There are a few things you need to play Alien Blackout. And I mean, need. The game doesn't give you the most in-depth tutorial, and in order to learn and manipulate the alien AI you have two choices: trial and error, or these tips.

We'll give you the important information on Alien Blackout and how you can defend against the alien stalking you right here, but if you need even more advice, check out our full walkthrough.

Alien Blackout

Command your crew

Bossing your crew around is going to be incredibly important for navigating the dying space station, lest you want to also be dying. There's a few simple commands you need to watch.

The most immediate is Hide/Come Out. You will need this a lot. If the alien's path is on a collision course with your crew mate, then they need to hide immediately. Once they're in the clear, you can send them back out.

Next is Hurry Up/Sneak. It's simple, the alien is less likely to track you while in Sneak mode, but you'll move incredibly slowly. Hurry Up isn't much faster, but, well, it's certainly more swift. Used intelligently, you can make your character speed up without alerting the alien.

You will need these commands often, and should always be ready to tap them.

On top of this, the crew will make attempts to warn you when the alien is nearby. Now, if the alien detects them first, it's over. But they might hear it first.

If they warn you that they can hear the alien, there's two possibilities. Either it's in the air vents near them, or you need to make them hide immediately. Probably best just making them hide first, and asking questions later.

Alien Blackout

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