Amanda Ripley is back once again, and yes, once again, she has to deal with the alien horde. Yikes!

Well there's only one alien this time, and Amanda will be guiding a small crew through a space station, all while avoiding the deadly creature, and uncovering the secrets of the space station's research.

There are seven levels in total which start off easy, but ramp up quickly, and here you'll find all of the information you need to clear the game - all without a single spoiler. Aren't we nice?

If you haven't taken a look at our essential Alien Blackout tips, check those now, and use those tips while guiding your crew with our instructions below…

Level 1

Alien Blackout

The game starts with Amanda Ripley looking through the CCTV cameras on a ship. Look at the Entrance cameras to see a scene happen.

Amanda is able to close doors to protect those on the ship. For the start, you'll see the areas you can tap to interact with the environment highlighted. Tap on the doors to close them.

Next you can tap the map in the bottom right to open a larger map screen. You can tap doors to open and close them. Open the doors in the top left of the map to let the people out, and tap a camera to return to the previous view.

One person will enter the control room, ensure to open the doors for them, and for a bit of extra security, close the doors behind them, keeping in mind each closed door requires one of the your five power resources, so open them again when your characters are safe. Eventually both will make their way to the engineering room.

Alien Blackout

After a scene, Ripley will hear some sounds. Tap on a dot on the map in the air vents - this is you. You'll be approached by an alien, and you will close the door on him, which requires power. Yeah, like Five Nights At Freddy's. This requires all of your power, leaving your crew in the ship vulnerable.

Next you'll guide your two characters back to the entrance, opening and closing doors for them on the way. You'll learn you can swipe your characters in a direction from the map screen, allowing you to control their paths - though they will continue on their own without direction.

Once they're back, you'll guide another two to a neighbouring room, before having to move yourself. Take note: they greyed corridors on your map can have a motion tracker enabled, but this takes up power, just like the doors you close. This will help locate aliens later on.<

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