China is home to Tencent, makers of Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, and many, many more fine mobile games - but it's also got a thriving indie scene, as you're about to find out.

It's always a joy to be the first to see a new indie game, to get your hands on an innovative title from a small studio way before it becomes the next big thing. Imagine being the first person to play Reigns or Florence.

That's why we set up the Big Indie Pitch. It's our regular international competition for indie developers. We run about 20 of them a year, all around the world, and they're a chance for local studios and individuals to show us what they're working on. There are prizes, sure. But the real winner is you, dear reader, who gets an exclusive glimpse at the underground hits of tomorrow.

Not so long ago, we held one of these much-celebrated BIPs at ChinaJoy, an enormous conference held in Shanghai and home to more brilliant mobile games than you can shake a stick at. It felt like a natural fit for us, and the perfect place to sneak a peek at the biggest indie games that the country had to offer.

The clear winner was Pirate Code, a mobile PvP pirate battler with enough ships, cannons, and plank-walking to make even the most seasoned sailors cry "avast!".

But there's so much more than that, covering a wide genre of games to boot. Expect hardcore MMORPGs thrown in with evocative, emotional simulations about air pollution, and, of course, a mobile battle royale looking to take on Fortnite and PUBG.

Click through the list to all 13 indie surprises. And if you're a small developer, remember to register your projects for PGC London where we'll be running the next pitch!