A confession: my most-played mobile games in the last 12 months were actually released a couple of years back.

Yeah, I'm still playing The Battle Of Polytopia and Clash Royale. Both had major updates in 2018, so my interest remained hooked. Clash Royale may about to be overshadowed by Supercell's Brawl Stars, but I'm still a fan of the former – that 2v2 mode is just so addictive. The Battle Of Polytopia, meanwhile, went multiplayer in 2018, and added new tribes. Both games should absolutely be on your to-play list this Christmas.

The Battle Of Polytopia continued to be updated in 2018

However, there were also some fine additions to my iPhone this year. I've been so busy with the Pocket Gamer redesign and our official events that I've had less time to dive deep into something... so 2018 has mostly been about hypercasual games. There were plenty of shiny pick-up-and-play gems to be found recently. I've thrown Pocket City in there as well, because it ignited a nostalgic fire in me (Sim City was the first PC game I owned: fact). But otherwise it's mostly been about mobile gaming experiences I can easily dip into between meetings.