My Time at Portia, the upcoming craft-a-thon sim from Team17 and Pathea Games, got a new trailer today showcasing the game’s extensive crafting system. Crafting will likely be a huge part of the My Time at Portia experience, so this new footage gives us a key look at the game.

The trailer introduces us to the basics of crafting before taking us down into the mines to find rare ores. You can build machines as commissions for the townspeople or for yourself, and the gadgets and structures you construct range in complexity on a wide scale, from pint-sized vehicles to entire buildings and even amusement park rides.

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My Time at Portia is a slice of life sim with some RPG elements thrown into the mix. It’s been inspired by Studio Ghibli films, but we’re also getting some Harvest Moon and Dark Cloud vibes in there as well. You’ll create a character before getting to work in your workshop, exploring the wider world, and making friends with the game’s cast of characters.

My Time at Portia launches on Nintendo Switch sometime soon. Stay tuned for an official release date.