Have we got a special treat for all you stream fans tonight! James Gilmour is taking to Twitch to stream some Talisman: Digital Edition. There's a slight change in times as well. Tonight's stream is going to kick off at 4pm UK time, and it's going to run all the way through to 6pm. Two whole hours of hot Gilmour action.

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It's not a regular stream though, oh me oh my no, because it's to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original release of the physical Talisman board game. If that isn't enough, James is also going to be joined by John Goodenough, who worked on the 4th edition of the board game.

That all sounds pretty awesome, right? If you agree, this is the link you're going to need to be clicking when things kick off at 4pm. If you click it now you can check out a whole bunch of recordings of the other streams we've been getting up to recently.

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