Enjoyed Love Island: The Game? Good, because it's getting a second season, set to launch around the time the next series starts airing in 2019.

Our pals over at PocketGamer.biz got some juicy deets directly from the devs in a recent interview, including the fact that you'll now have access to a wardrobe for any clothes you buy in game.

Better yet, the team is opening the doors for even more romantic options - Fusebox Games is shooting for the opportunity to date basically anyone in the game (which hopefully includes same-sex relationships!)

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That's gonna require a lot of extra writing, but the team has plenty of time to get it right. Plus, Reigns: Her Majesty writer Leigh Alexander has joined the team to spruce up the dialogue, which should lead to a damn fine game in the end.

With that mix of more scenarios and branching paths, and the amazing Leigh Alexander on board, I'm genuinely interested to see where the new Love Island season goes. Probably to an island where everyone bones, I bet.

You can check out the first season of Love Island: The Game on the App Store and Google Play right now. Need a hand getting started? We've got some lovely guides to help you out along your way.

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