Love Island: The Game cheats, tips - Best boys in season 2

Love Island: The Game cheats, tips - Best boys in season 2

The husbando debate rages on

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We cannnot get enough of Love Island. Well, the game version, that is. Log on to your mobile phone, download Love Island: The Game, and you'll find a whole host of different boys and girls all ready to compete with you and steal your man.

We've looked at Love Island boys and girls before, and we've found that they are sometimes… wanting. It could just be me, but are these boys a bit… basic? No, it's not me, these boys are definitely a bit basic. I mean, that's a given if your primary hobby is golf.

These are laddy lads and in one case a caddy lad, but they're all willing to jump into your pants if you say the right things to them. Typical men, right? Your biggest challenge standing between yourself and the man you want will be the other girls who tend to get jealous. Sorry ladies, but you gotta bag yourself your own man.

In this guide, we're gonna talk all about the best potential husbands for you to find and flirt with in Love Island: The Game season 2, because we've been through season 1 already, and we don't need to go back there.

Some of these men are strong and masculine, others are less so, but they all get sad and insecure if you don't immediately show them affection. Exactly how I like my men. So let's run through the list and narrow down the boys we love the most…


Okay, I know I said some of them were a bit basic, but Gary really is the epitome of being basic. What does he do? He works out. Amazing. Oh, and he dresses like a lumberjack. Great stuff Gary, well done.

I don't want to judge, and to be fair he could just have an incredibly well optimised training and eating routine, but he looks like he's on steroids to me, okay? Have you seen those traps? He's compensating for something, ladies.

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There's nothing wrong with Noah, per-se, he just does nothing to stand out. Oh, and when I asked him to step forward if he fancies me, he didn't. Strike one, pal.

I don't hate Noah, no one could hate Noah, but he's got nothing of particular worth or value to offer. Sorry pal, just leave, I don't need you.


Hey, doesn't Rocco look like that one guy who does recipes and YouTube work outs? I can't remember his name. You know who I'm talking about, right?

Rocco is nice enough, but honestly, he leaves a little to be desired. Basic ass oriental tattoo on his chest, skinny fit, can't keep his thumb away from his penis. Not a massive fan, but you could do worse.


Ah here we go, Tiger Woods himself, the golf master, the man that can't stop talking about his boring hobby, it's Ibrahim. Well that's just great.

He talks about golf, he dresses for golf at all times of day, and he likes golf. Golf is, ostensibly, a tory hobby. A hobby for tories. Enough said.


I like Bobby, okay? He's sweet, innocent, doesn't hold himself in such high regard, but he's confident enough to get his top off next to the roided up lads and bare all. I respect that.

Bobby is nice and humble, and as such, he gets my vote for Love Island: The Game Season 2 Best Husbando. Nice one Bobby.

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