Love Island: The Game cheats, tips - Best girls in season 2

Love Island: The Game cheats, tips - Best girls in season 2

This is the true Love Island waifu wars

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We getting fired straight back into the series that everyone loves to hate, it's Love Island. Hell to the yeah lads and ladies, you know how we like it. Only this time, it's Love Island: The Game Season 2, and things are heating up more than ever, so whip out your phones and tablets and get downloading, because things are about the get spicy.

In this iteration of Love Island, we've got five new girls (six, if you include your created character) to drop onto an island and flirt with all of the hunky boys - we've also got a list of those hunky boys, if you want to check that out.

All of these ladies are gorgeous in their own way, confident, striking, empowered, but the question is, who can you trust? Are you here to make lasting friendships with these ladies, or are you here solely to get yourself a man? And if you're looking for a strong hunk, then how do you know who to trust? It's a tough question, and one that we can't really answer.

All of these ladies give off a strong first impression, but that doesn't mean they'll be nice, or evil, all the way through your Love Island experience. They will react differently depending on your conversation options, and the girls I hate, you may end up loving. It's a difficult game, Love Island.

Below we've got a full list of all the girls in the game, tell us your favourites in the comments below and stick on Pocket Gamer for more Love Island greatness.


Hope comes across as friendly, confident, and knowledgeable. The problem is, she's in it for herself, as many of the girls are.

If you happen to be flirting with the same man as Hope, she won't hesitate to step in and try to catch their attention instead. If you want a firm friend to depend on, Hope can be a good one, if you don't have the same goal…

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Lottie is hot, and she knows it. Powerful, intimidating, but actually a sweetheart once you get to know her. Just don't cross her path the wrong way.

Lottie can become your best friend, and certainly won't take guff from any overconfident men, so she's a good girl to have on your side.


Hannah is the definition of sweet and innocent. She has sex appeal, but doesn't even seem to realise it, and the way she carries herself doesn't exactly make the men fall over themselves to be near her.

But that means nothing, because Hannah is a sweetheart, and my vote for one of the nicest girls on the island. We have no choice but to stan.


I don't like her. She comes into the bedroom when I'm having a nice chat with the other ladies, and just gives us all attitude. She obviously isn't here to make friends, she's here for the competition alone.

Which is fine, that's just fine, but girl, your double cross me and I will pull your hair out.


Priya is pretty and confident, and the game's surprise islander. She doesn't leave much of a lasting impression, but she won't let anyone stand in her way.

Both a great girl to have on your side, as well as the perfect choice to go against if you want to cause some drama on the island.

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