The Broken Sword adventure games are classics of the genre, with the first hitting PCs in 1996. The five games in the franchise have been a favourite mystery series, adapted for various platforms including mobile.

Broken Sword 5, subtitled The Serpent's Curse, first hit computers at the end of 2013. It hit iOS and Android devices in two episodes starting in 2014.

And now it's coming to Nintendo Switch, so a new generation of gamers can enjoy it on the big screen or on the move.

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Charles Cecil MBE is boss of Revolution and the mastermind behind the Broken Sword tales. He took time out at Gamescom in Germany last month to show a select group of journalists and fans that port and talk them through his thought processes.

"It’s been an amazing journey," Cecil told the group at the German show. "It's interesting to reflect on the extraordinary changes that have been going on from a development perspective in the last few years."