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Holy moly, did you see the time? You've got just under an hour to get your head together, find your stream-watching slippers, and get ready for James Gilmour to take another head-first leap into the world of Scythe: Digital Edition on Twitch.

It's not just the joy of watching James play through a steampunk alt-history game filled with giant robots you should be stoked for, oh no. If you watch the stream, you're in with a chance to win one of three Steam codes for Scythe: Digital Edition.

James is going to drop the codes into the Twitch chat at random intervals, letting you know beforehand he's about to do it. All you need to do to bag one is be the first to redeem it on the Steam store. Pretty easy right?

The codes are worth €19.99 / $19.99 / £15.49 each, and entry to the competition is free to everyone. So really you don't have any excuse not to get involved. Do you? No. No you do not.

Here's the link to the page where the stream is going to happen, or if you prefer you can watch it on the front page of Pocket Gamer. We'll see you in the chat!

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