Can you smell what the game developers are cooking? That’s right, with only six weeks to go until the biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year, we’re now firmly on the road to Wrestlemania. So, what better to do on the road than play some wrestling games? But which free-to-play WWE game should you play? In true WWE tradition, we’re going to have a triple threat match to find out as we compare WWE Champions, WWE Supercard and WWE Mayhem.

Too sweet

WWE Champions is probably the most polished game on this list, but it achieves this by being Candy Crush in a leotard. Champions is a match-three game where matching gems does damage to your opponent and charges your special moves. The stylised superstars all look great and the moves are beautifully animated. There’s also a solid progression system, daily challenges and a ton of wrestlers to unlock, but the horrendous drop rates for popular wrestlers mean that unless you’re willing to sink ludicrous amounts of cash into the game, you’ve got no chance in hell of seeing AJ Styles or Brock Lesnar in your roster.

WWE Champions mobile wrestling game

The game that gravity forgot

WWE Mayhem is next to enter the fray and probably what most people would expect from a wrestling game, because it’s a straight up 1 vs 1 brawler. Using a combination of taps, swipes and special moves you battle against various WWE superstars. It’s worth looking into just for the hilariously over-the-top animations on the special moves – I’m pretty sure The Rock would need an aviation license if he jumped this high performing a Rock Bottom in real life. The controls can be quite fiddly though and you’ll find yourself blindly mashing the screen a lot or skimming your phone out the window when the block command fails to register and you take a big boot to the face.

WWE Mayhem mobile wrestling game

I summon John Cena in attack mode

You wouldn’t expect WWE fans and Yu-Gi-Oh fans to crossover much, but apparently it was a market ripe for the plundering as WWE Supercard is the most popular title on the list. Supercard is a simple card game in which you take a small deck of superstars into the match and try to outdo your opponent on specific stats like speed or toughness. It’s somewhere between Top Trumps and Magic The Gathering. Supercard’s gameplay is simple and addictive, but the animations are what take things over the top rope. Cards battle it out in the centre of the ring – not the wrestlers on those cards, the cards themselves battle it out. Have you ever wanted to see a trading card German Suplex another trading card? Then WWE Supercard is the game for you.

WWE Champions mobile wrestling game

And your new Heavyweight Champion of the world is...

WWE Supercard takes it, delivering an elbow drop on the competition. While I’m not crazy about the animations of trading cards hitting each other, the game itself is enjoyable and the deck-building aspect gives you a constant goal to work towards. WWE Champions is good fun but the aggressive microtransactions sour the experience after a time and while WWE Mayhem is a cool idea, the finicky controls are a deal breaker. Supercard wins the title of best free-to-play WWE game.

And that’s the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so!