It's been on the way for a while but it's time to rejoice, war-gamers, as World of Warships Blitz arrives on iOS and Android.

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In World of Warships Blitz you'll dive into intense 7vs7 action as you pick and choose between Japanese, American, Russian, and British juggernauts. This World War 2 naval strategic battler may be based on the PC game but it holds its own on mobile, offering up snappy, quick-to-play matches and supposedly simple controls.

Whether you've got a ID already or whether you're just starting, you can easily switch between platforms and devices and not worry about losing progress. iOS and Android players can also play against each other, so no more stress about whose got what make of phone... so long as it's capable of running iOS 9+ and 7.0+.

Grab the game free-to-play on the App Store or Google Play now.

If you've already got the game and need a little help getting started we've got a whole bunch of guides for you, from a full list of available ships, the best tactics for battle, through to the best warships for battle.

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