Goodness me, it's been a hot minute since Let Them Come was announced and now it's finally available on iOS and Android.

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*This latest trailer is for the Steam version of the game*

Originally teased back in 2015, Let Them Come is a side-on survival shooter where you play as mercenary gun-for-hire, Rock Guner. On a mission by Infini Corp to take down alien scum on an overrun spaceship, you'll have to survive wave after wave of enemies.

If you've played these sorts of games before you'll know the drill already. It may start off easy-peasy, but each wave will be harder than the last and at times it'll be damn-right unrelenting. However, if you learn from your mistakes, upgrade/customise your loadout, and use your bullets wisely you might just make to see the gross, alien bosses.

Grab Let Them Come on the App Store for £1.99/$1.99, or on Google Play for a similar price.