It's been a couple of months since Death Road to Canada's 'Coccyx' update hit iOS, but we won't have to wait much longer for the gargantuan 'Duodenum' update which'll be touching down later this month.

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Released on PC a couple of weeks back, the Duodenum update is an absolute monster. Seriously, just look at the changelog.

There'll be over 43 new weapons, 11 recruitable characters, flashlights, a new Special Trader Camp, fire tweaks, and even more.

Rocketcat Games also confirmed that the price of the game will be going up again given that it is a huge update. "Same as our Wayward Souls plans, but this one has a higher cap. We will eventually get to $15 as we keep doing updates."

The Duodenum update drops on iOS August 24th.

Source: Press release.