Hello, hello, good morning, noon, and night to you all. It's Sunday once again and that mean it's time for a smoking Hot Five.

This week we've seen Switch games and mobile games galore, not to mention an agonising wait for a certain Capcom game, but we've still had some cracking bits to fill in the gaps.

Oh, not to mention America celebrated their independence this week so congratulations 'Murica!

Shephy's a Switch ringer

Shephy's an adorable, solitaire-like card game where sheep take front and centre. The aim of the game is to multiply your sheep and get them to 1,000 before the time runs out. The nice thing about it is that you've got total freedom on the Switch. Play it in handheld, docked, or even just by using its touch screen.

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Mini DayZ's out for brains

First teased earlier this year, the micro-survival game (that's actually quite large) launched worldwide this week and it's surprisingly fun. Our Reviews Editor Harry gave it a solid 8/10 in its review, calling it "A thick and juicy experience that just happens to be on the small side." Plus, it's totally free so you may as well check it out.

Brawl Stars wanted you to ask them stuff

Yep, the team behind Brawl Stars held a day-long Reddit AMA a couple of days back which ultimately raked in about 500 comments and a ton of interesting questions. More than it being an interesting read, it showed that Supercell is keen on making the game as good as it can be and really listens to its fan base. I don't know about you, but stuff like that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Street Fighter IV should be out by now

Capcom's been driving us crazy with anticipation after announced that the eagerly-awaited revamp, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, should be launching on iOS this week. Unfortunately they decided not to announce a specific date so we've just been watching out for it. It may or may not have launched by the time this article goes live, but I've got hope that it'll have arrived in time for the weekend.

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Ooo, an Independence Day sale...sort of

Because everyone loves a sale, let's end on that. It may not exactly be for Independence Day-themed games, but it's still a pretty tidy list of 24 games (both iOS and Android). Titles include Neon Chrome, The Room franchise, Thomas Was Alone (on of my favourites), XCOM Enemy Within, and much more.

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Alas, that's it for yet another week. I know it's hard to say farewell, but never fear - I'll be waiting for you again in seven days, and I'll see you right here.

Hah, poetry. I'll stop before I burst into song. Until next week, folks.