There's game aplenty on sale this week, but for Android users we've got another total steal as Causality has dropped in price for a limited time.

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Causality is a pretty, simplistic puzzler about manipulating time to alter the outcome of each level. It's your job to help a group of stranded astronauts find their way safely through the many tricky elements and hazardous conditions.

The aim is to get the astronaut through an exit that matches their specific colours, and - oh, joy - there's a time limit. You've got 60 levels to work through, multiple time paradoxes to cross into, and 13 achievements to unlock, so you'd best have your thinking head on.

Causality is on sale at the moment on Google Play for a teeny-weeny 10p, in the UK at least. Check in your local stores to see whether or not you can grab yourself a bargain.