If you're still playing Super Mario Run look sharp and pay attention 'cos there's a new update out.

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We've got a few bits to make note of this time around. Firstly you can track down your friends (or consenting acquaintances) using their Nintendo Account, so say goodbye to the mild inconvenience of friend-codes.

The number of Toads that can live in your kingdom has also been tweaked, now maxing in at 99,999, and, on a side note, if you've got a personalised Mii character from Miitomo you can now show that off as your player icon. There's also a bunch of new buildings added, including Bullet Bill and Bowser statues.

Google Play/Game Centre achievements have been implemented, and after that it's just the usual malarky of bug-fixing, small changes, and general improvements all-round.

Grab Super Mario Run on the App Store or Google Play now, free-to-play initially and £9.99/$9.99 thereafter.

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