Gameloft's mobile strategy is to take a glance at what's working in the console space and attempt to emulate it on your phone.

The Gangstar franchise is Gameloft's answer to Grand Theft Auto. It's a third person shooter, set in a huge open world, and lets you live a second life as a gangster.

It's a little on the wackier side than GTA though - perhaps more in common with Saints Row. Either way, all you really care about is whether or not the latest entry, New Orleans, is any good, right?

At review, we gave it a Bronze Award and said: "Drive around, shoot people, and sometimes smile while you're doing it - that's Gangstar: New Orleans in a nut shell".

We also asked the App Army what they made of it. Here are their thoughts.

Laura Egri

This is an action packed mission based shooter that offers nice exploration and a lot of options in terms of character creation.

It's an improvement from the previous games, but with so much going in it still gets repetitive, and the graphics could have been better.

There are also still some minor bugs and places where it doesn't handle very well. With a bit of tweaking can go better.

Tony Teulan

Messy handling, bad AI, and repetitive missions but if you are looking for some mindless open-world fun, you might find some joy in This.

For me the extremely jerky frame rate, energy system that gets worse as you get further in, weird physics, bad controls, and many other glitches undermine this game.

Swapnil Jadhav

This game is rip off of GTA. Why you have to always be online? There were constant server issues but I still love it.

Kainen Ryan

Yes, this is a rip off of GTA but then I could point out millions of other games that rip it off as well and do a much worse attempt than this game. It's repetitive in places but it looks good and plays well.

I phased out of my car rather than opened the door, and the cover system just locks you onto an enemy and shoots taking any skill out of it. But deep down this does have some fun inside it, and and can be enjoyed for many an hour.

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