Just when we were all starting to lose a little bit of hope, the developer of Static Sky has just announced that they'll soon be running a testing phase for the game.

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First announced back in August 2014, Static Sky has been a long time coming and though it doesn't necessarily mean we're any closer to release, it's a start.

Static Sky is a cyberpunk tactical action game in which you guide a series of highly-armed, cybernetic agents through various levels in order to fulfil your contract and make your megacorporate client happy. Just make sure your cybernetic puppets make it back in one piece.

As well as including heavy team customisation (for improving heavy weaponry, skills, and soldier-types), and major hacking elements, the entire game is played real-time meaning that whatever your tactic is you've got to carry out your plans flawlessly, or prepare to act quickly, in order to come out on top.

Check out Christian's previous article from 2016, it has a lot of great discussion about the game. Otherwise, if you have an iOS device head on over here to follow the instructions and put your name down for the Static Sky alpha/beta.