If you’re someone who’s taken pleasure in Fat Fish Games’ previous Tiny Sports entries or simply prefer your sporting action a little more bite-sized, you might just want to form up and take to the pitch in Tiny Striker: World Football to become the world’s ultimate star player.

Tiny Striker: World Football is the sequel to the original Tiny Striker, and is the first in the series to make the perspective jump from 2D to 3D.

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After selecting your starting team, simple flick controls make it straightforward to curl and lob around the defenders and score. When you do achieve stardom, Tiny Striker: World Football also lets you share highlights globally, encouraging you to challenge others.

Tiny Striker: World Football lets you play against international teams such as Spain, France, and others. It also tests out your skills in the game’s fleshed-out training mode, which lets you boost your striker’s core skills so that when the time comes, you can nail that essential penalty shot.

Tiny Striker: World Football can be downloaded right now from the App Store and will soon be available from Google Play.