Mekorama is the next game by Martin Magni, the creator of the amazing (but underrated) Odd Bot Out. Mekorama is inspired by Escher's work and features a mix of puzzles and platforming elements in some outstanding levels.

Martin Magni has announced today that the game is going to be available on May 15 on both iOS and Android. It's going to be free with the option to pay what you want in order to "buy" the game.

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I've played my fair share of the beta and I've had a blast. While it's bound to attract comparaisons with Monument Valley, it's physics system and use of different contraptions makes it a very different experience.

I've also seen first-hand how the community is already creating and sharing levels thanks to the built-in tools and QR codes that you can simply copy and paste easily.

It's going to ship with 50 levels and I'm absolutely stoked for it.

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