Update on April 28 at 16:08: Get psyched as Psycard is now released on both iOS and Android. You shouldn't miss this mix of minesweeper and card game by the creators of the amazing (but sadly underrated) Card City Nights.

If you aren't sold yet, take a look at the trailer below and then smash that buy button!

We were quite excited to see Psycard turned from a gamejam prototype to a full mobile game as it comes from Ludosity AB, the makers of the excellent (and Gold Award-winning) Card City Nights.

I've tried to explained the rules before but it's often better to watch a game unfold to really get a sense of how it plays:

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So match fruits, avoid skulls and use Minesweeper's rules to guess what card to flip. Seems simple enough. Knowing Ludosity though, this basic gameplay may be simple to learn but it will be hard to master.

Expect Psycard on iOS and Android on April 28.