You know that Clash of Clans is popular and if you hate the game, that's fine too and this is just not for you. But fans of the game will be pleased to know that a massive update just went live with plenty of new changes.

First up, a new unit has been added into the mix called the "Bowler" that you'll find in the Dark Barracks. It can throw stones and looks to be a pretty formidable unit in this video:

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On top of that, Inferno Tower, Mortar, Hog Rider and Valkyrie Goblin have been updated with an additional level of upgrade.

There are also a huge number of changes made to the balance of the game that you can see here.

Separate to that, you can also expect plenty of changes to the matchmaking system in the Clans vs Clans system that will now focus on defensive capabilities.

The update is live now on iOS and Android.

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