Update on March 16th at 11:20: Tales of LINK can now also been found in the Canadian App Store on iOS following this link.

The Tales of series is expanding. We've already covered Tales of the Rays, a more traditional Tales of experience tailored for mobile but we there's also another coming to your mobile devices soon.

Dubbed Tales of LINK, it's a match-3 puzzler with a Tales of twist. Indeed, you're not matching gems or candies on a board, instead you match units in order to attack enemy units in turn based combat.

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You'll have to choose which units to use as some are better at dealing damage to certain units than others.

Tales of LINK came out in 2014 in Japan and became a huge hit, often seen in the country's top grossing list. The game is now coming out on western shores in April of this year with a soft launched version already available on Android in select countries here.

You can also pre-register on iOS and Android ahead of the worldwide launch and secure a high level character right away.