Update on March 23rd at 12:48: King Rabbit is now out on iOS for £0.79. If you want to learn more about the game, read the original news below and enjoy!

Furdemption took me by surprise when it launched on iOS. It looked cute. And then I played it.

The bloody mess that the game becomes after you failed ten times the level cannot be shown by screenshots alone, that was something you had to see.

The platforming was quite hard and required you to be extremely fast and precise if you wanted to succeed.

Thankfully, the level design was always brilliant and though it lacked a bit of content at the start, a huge free update added new levels.

I was pretty excited when the sequel, now called King Rabbit was announced. The gameplay's pretty much the same which means more of the same twitchy and intense platforming. But that's a good thing!

We now know that the game will ship on March 24th.

Check out the trailer announcing the release date below:

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You'll find King Rabbit on the App Store on March 24th for £0.79.