[Update] King Rabbit goes free. Gets Fire Adventures DLC on Thursday

64 new levels to hop, skip, and burn through

[Update] King Rabbit goes free. Gets Fire Adventures DLC on Thursday
| King Rabbit - Puzzle
[Update] To celebrate the DLC launch, King Rabbit is now free to download. Now everyone can help his majesty rescue all his bunny subjects. Yay!

The bright and refreshing King Rabbit is getting some rather meaty DLC content this Thursday.

We complimented the controls in this sharp and entertaining puzzler, and really found it to be compulsive in bite-sized form.

The 64 extra levels in the new Fire Adventures DLC look like they'll keep up with tradition, but add fire, new characters, and additional unlockables.

New characters include Peach, Snobby, Albino, Demon, Jackalope, Leprechaun, Zombie, and Lovely.

There will also be 16 new campaign levels added to the base game which is rather generous.

But not quite as generous as the price. The pack will be available at sale price during its 72 hour launch window for just 99¢/79p. You'd be hopping mad to miss it at that value.
Here's a trailer to get you in the mood for all the bunny goodness coming your way.

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