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We met with Fabuloso Games, the developer of the Bronze Award-winning space puzzler Astra at Casual Connect Europe 2016, and we discovered that an Android version is inbound.

It'll be free to play and you'll have a limited number of lives. When you run out - and you will, this game poses quite the challenge - you can either wait for them to refill, purchase more, or watch a quick ad and get right back into it.
You can also pay to unlock the second world right away if you're feeling unpatient. Though you can unlock this content for free if you collect enough of the pick-ups in the previous levels.

For the uninitiated, Astra is a kind of platforming adventure set in space that sees you bouncing between a series of planets, collecting power-ups, and bopping enemies on the head.

You run automatically but can tap to jump and double-tap to double-jump, which you'll need to do to leave a planet's atmosphere.

At review, we gave it a respectable seven, and said that: "There's a lot to like in Astra, and if you're into leaping around planets then you're going to enjoy it."

You can get it right now from the App Store or be patient and wait for the upcoming free Android version.

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