Need a little extra push to get you through the last full month of winter? You're covered if you own a SHIELD device such as NVIDIA’s next-gen entertainment platform, SHIELD Android TV.

Starting February 11 until February 14, you can get deep discounts on a number of games across a wide variety of genres. Puzzle, action, RPG - everything you need to keep you warm and happy this month on SHIELD.

SHIELD games on sale include both Android games and titles that can be streamed with a GeForce NOW membership (free for three months and $7.99 a month after that).

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GeForce NOW Games on Sale:

The Park (33% Off for a Limited Time)

The Park is a psychological horror title that tasks you with the nightmarish task of finding your lost son in a decrepit and haunted amusement park. The Park is dark, gritty, and oftentimes heart-stopping. This isn't Disneyland.

Submerged (25% Off for a Limited Time)

Submerged is a watery non-combative adventure game. You play as Mika, a young girl who explores waterlogged ruins in order to find help for her ill brother. All you have to aid you in this difficult task are your wits and your telescope.

Android Games on Sale:

Juju (50% Off for a Limited Time)

Juju is a joyous platforming adventure about a panda in search of his lost father. The bright visuals and cooperative gameplay options are certain to please families looking for a fun shared activity.

Dustoff Heli Rescue (50% Off for a Limited Time)

Despite its cheerful-looking Minecraft-inspired graphics, Dustoff Heli Rescue features nothing but serious action. Pilot a helicopter in wartime to save wounded soldiers while fending off hostile forces.

This War of Mine (66% Off for a Limited Time)

Dark, grim, and unforgettable, This War of Mine is an apocalyptic role-playing game that challenges you to stay alive during a very difficult time. Food, medicine, and security are all vital to your continued existence, and they're all hard to come by.

Windward (67% Off for a Limited Time)

Windward is a multiplayer naval adventure game that's never lacking for stuff to do. You can visit a friend's world, or invite them into yours. Fight pirates and claim their territory in massive battles, or just kick back and do some trading.