Every celebration in the world is a good opportunity for developers and publishers to put a game on sale or release an update with a theme.

With Chinese new year approaching, it's no surprise then that a lot of games are doing it again.

Here's the list of games that got an interesting update that ties in with Chinese new year:

Horizon Chase (iOS/Android):
Horizon Chase brings you a temporary special event, race in a stunning Monkey form circuit and unlock the exclusive Golden Cruiser car. The update is only live on iOS for now.

The iAP for Horizon Chase is also on sale at £0.79 but be warned though, the game's currently broken for previous owners. A bugfix is on the way though.

Vainglory (iOS/Android)
The popular MOBA was updated with a new hero and a new skin for the map

Shadowmatic (iOS)
Ten brand new levels to celebrate this event. The update also removed all iAPs.

Heroes of Order & Chaos (iOS/Android)
HO&C was updated with a new skin for the map, a brand new hero and some graphical tweaks and enhancements.

Asphalt 8: Airborne(iOS/Android)
New events, new cars and more awaits in Asphalt 8's latest update.

A lot of sales are also happening but they aren't all related to this event. Still, here's a list of interesting games you can grab cheap this weekend:

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
On sale at £1.49.

Don't Starve (iOS):
On sale at £2.29.

Pocket Clothier (iOS)
On sale at £1.49.

Pocket League Story
On sale at £0.79.

Oh Edo Towns (iOS):
On sale at £1.49.

The Sushi Spinnery (iOS):
On sale at £1.49.

Oil Rush (iOS/Android)
On sale at £1.49.

Per usual, if we missed any, don't forget to chime in the comments section.