Big swords and big adventures are usually costly things. But not today. Oh no, not today, people.

Infinity Blade III is free on iOS, you see. It'd normally cost you £4.99 / $6.99 but you can now pick it up for nothing for a short time.

Good deal. No, really, that's something you should jump on right now.

Infinity Blade III only got a Bronze Award from us due to a "reliance on frequent deaths and forced grinding," which "is an infuriating relic from previous games."

But, hello, you can get it for free. That means you can get all the thrill of Chair's sword fighting epic at the cost of dropping your finger on a touchscreen.

Do I have to repeat it again? That's a no-brainer. Go get it.

You can download Infinity Blade III on the App Store.

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