Getting in touch with gaming press should be as easy as possible.

At Pocket Gamer we don't want anything getting in the way of us discovering your game and shouting about how fantastic it is on the biggest mobile gaming site in the world.

So we've collected together info for all of the people you should speak with here at Pocket Gamer, plus details of our video team AppSpy.

Our details

If you want to get your game on Pocket Gamer, the easiest way is to sling some details at our generic news and reviews addresses.

These go to the right people and are perfect for press release lists and generic mailers and the like.

News Team - [email protected]
Reviews Team - [email protected]

Individual writers

You might have more luck if you tailor your pitch to a specific writer or video creator. Here's who at PG, and these are the kinds of games they love to play (and by extension, cover).

Mark Brown, Editor

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - Twitter is fine (@britishgaming) but email is preferable.

I like games about going on an adventure and exploring interesting places. Games with a story. Games with something to say. Games that try something new. And Pac-Man.

Harry Slater, Reviews Editor

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - No.

New ideas, new styles of playing, games that use the capabilities of mobile in fresh and exciting ways. Games that make you think, games that aren't just iterations. And Street Fighter IV.

Chris Priestman, Staff Writer

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - Yes (@CPriestman), as long as it's mostly just a link to something and maybe an image.

I like experimental games. Mellow / relaxing / meditative games. Big RPG fan as long as there's at least one thing that isn't generic about it. Tough as nails arcade games. And story-driven games especially are a big plus.

Glen Fox, Staff Writer

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - I'm okay with it on Twitter (@foxy_glen) but never on Facebook. I'd much rather be pitched to via email.

RPGs, platformers, action, sports, adventure, and puzzlers are my absolute jam. If you really want to impress me, show me games that have clearly been made for mobile like Alto's Adventure, Kiwanuka, Monument Valley, and Skiing Yeti Mountain.

Christian Valentin, US Editor

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - I prefer pitches through email, so I can chat with developers about their game in more detail.

I like roguelikes, dual-stick shooters, platformers, tactical / strategy games, story-driven games, and games with minimalist or atmospheric art styles. But I love games that are designed with mobile in mind, like Hitman GO, Device 6, PRY, and The Room, with tactile controls and mechanics best experienced on touch.

Danny Russell, Community Manager

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - email preferred, but Twitter's alright (@caffeinedreamer).

I love anything that looks remotely retro, RPGs, rhythm games, shmups, anything deliberately wacky, and ports, because I'm weird like that. If it's Japanese, I'm in. As I organise both App Army articles and #FreeGameFriday streams, please do get in touch if you'd like us to run your game on either. Do prod if you're on 3DS or Vita too, as I'm able to capture and stream for both.

Peter Willington, AppSpy Editor

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - Email works best for me!

I love arcade racers, games with ridiculously huge explosions, and curiosities from foreign lands. I've spent years honing my gaming skills on games like Double Dragon II, Tekken Tag Tournament, and WipEout, but I'm also a huge fan of more casual titles like Clash of Clans and Cut the Rope.

James Gilmour, Video Editor

Email - [email protected]
Pitch on social media? - Email is best, Twitter is fine (@Metal_Slag).

I like horror. If your game is grim, grotesque, or contains at least one class 5 full roaming vaporous apparition, I want to hear about it. I also have a high tolerance for noodly arty stuff, so if you've made a game about the inner turmoil of a sentient plant pot or something, give me a bell.

  • The earlier you tell us about your game, the better we can prepare coverage. If you mail us about your title after it's out, you run the risk of missing the boat.
  • We want to be able to play your game, so try to send us a promo code, APK, or TestFlight / TestFairy / HockeyApp build along with your mail.
  • Include relevant trailers, GIFs, screenshots, press releases and other info in your mail.
  • If you've been covered by us before, do include that in a pitch with a link to the story.
  • If you've previously worked on a game we've heard of, again, let us know.
  • Try to keep communications concise, and front-load the good stuff in your first couple of sentences.

Advertising and Events

If you're looking to advertise your game through video or banner ads, or a special promotion, or what-have-you, you'll need to contact the Advertising Team. Here's how.

Pocket Gamer also runs industry-leading events such as Pocket Gamer Connects. Here's the main PGC website to find out more.

Any more questions?

That should be everything you need to know, but if we've missed anything crucial you feel is important, then do feel free to drop a comment to us below.