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Successfully Kickstarted in 2013, Stasis is an isometric adventure game inspired by films like Event Horizon, Alien, and Sunshine, and it could come to mobile in the future.

But it'll all depend on how successfully the game performs on PC. It's launching on Steam later this month.

The game would be a natural fit for the platform, since the interface and simple controls were designed with touch screen in mind, and the developers have had builds running on iPad.

In Stasis, you play as John Maracheck, who has awakened on the seemingly abandoned mining vessel, the Groomlake.

Amid blood-stained rooms and surrounded by the things lurking in the bowels of the ship, you must find your family and solve the mystery of what happened on board.

In classic point-n-click fashion you solve puzzles, collect items, and interact with other characters. But Stasis stands out due to its detailed isometric aesthetic and mature horror atmosphere.

One of Stasis's unique features is the ability to use items on yourself, and even commit suicide. A shard of glass, a neurodrill, acid, and more will result in your gory and brutal end, but other items will have more beneficial effects.

Stasis will be releasing on Steam on August 31st. You can learn more about the game here.