If you participate in our App Army at all then you'll already know this. For the rest of you: Cosmonautica is out now on iOS and Android.

It's a space trading sim that brings a zoom-focus on crew management. This is why we previously compared it to The Sims.

It gives you big dynamic portraits of each crew member so you can see their expressions to get an idea of their current mood.

Not only should this help give you an idea how to make each of them happy (which involves buying them furniture, et al), it should also help you feel more connected to them.

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This is something that Cosmonautica's creators wanted as it makes you care more about their lives. And, given that you're dealing with space pirates, their lives are often in danger.

That is, unless you have enough money from trading to turn your ship into a war machine, in which case, I'm sure your crew will be fine.

You can purchase Cosmonautica for £4.99 / $6.99 on the App Store and Google Play right now.