Space Food Truck is a tongue-in-cheek digital boardgame in which you must explore space to gather ingredients for a gourmet dish.

You're given a procedurally generated galaxy of 100 planets to explore in your search. You do this in the titular spaceship with a crew of four all of whom are given specific roles to perform.

These roles are: Captain, Chef, Scientist, and Engineer. Once these are dished out, each character gets a set of cards with which to pull their weight.

These cards need to be used to craft recipes and overcome the many hazards of space. And with each turn the characters will get a new item, ingredient, or special ability added to their deck.
One of these ingredients, I'd point out, is a wedge of cheese with an attached plug. What happens when you plug it in? It's unknown right now but these are the kind of odd ingredients you can expect.

If you want to beat the game, then, you'll need to ensure all four members of the crew work together. And yes, you can play with four players, or you can play by yourself if you wish.

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Space Food Truck is the next game from One Man Left. You may be familiar with the studio's previous game such as Tilt to Live and Outwitters.

The game is currently on Kickstarter in order to raise $35,000 to extend the scope of the game. If the money isn't reached then there will have to be feature cuts.

The plan is to bring Space Food Truck out for PC first later this year with iPad and Android tablet versions arriving soon after.