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Battle of Balls is a real time multiplayer arena battler in which you have to eat balls to grow in size until you're big enough to swallow all of your opponents.

You can only eat balls that are smaller than yours. If you go anywhere near a bigger ball you'll get swallowed instead and it's game over.

The entire game can be controlled using only one finger which you slide around the screen to direct your ball.

You can use a few different strategies to survive, like hide in bushes, split your ball in two to eat even more balls, or hide behind a big ball to avoid being eaten.

There are hidden weapons dotted around the arena that give smaller balls an advantage over a massive opponent - seek them out as quickly as possible.

Balls are fully customisable and you can give them a fun and quirky name that all other players will see.

And those players could be from any country or region as Battle of Balls is available worldwide.

You can follow other players or declare yourself a fan and spectate on their games, cheering them on. Or, you could invite them into your game room and play against them in the same arena.

Battle of Balls is out now in the App Store and Google Play.