Sometimes a game just clicks from the first time you pick it up.

It sucks you in, weaves a spell around you, and then you look up and it's night and you haven't eaten and your friends are calling you because they're worried you might have died.

That's pretty much what Fearless Fantasy did to me. It's a brilliant mash-up of RPG and QTE elements with a cheeky story and some frantic action.

Party games

The game sees you leading a party of three adventurers through a series of battles. There's a slight flavour of a card battler here, and there's no exploration to be done, but that makes for a tighter, more rewarding experience.

You fight your way through a series of waves. The battles are turn-based, and owe a good chunk to the ATB system from the Final Fantasy series.

The twist here is that every attack you perform requires you to swipe and tap on prompts on the screen. There's a rhythm action flavour here, and your attacks are more powerful if you time your inputs just right.

You can mitigate damage in the same way, following commands on the screen with your finger to dodge or soak up some of the attack.

There are the usual RPG trappings going on behind all this. There are new weapons to buy, healing items to nab, and skills and special moves to upgrade as you level up.

Special moves need you to have a set amount of energy, and if you don't have enough you need to top up your bar with consumables.

Your party fit neatly into roles from the start - there's a sword swinging knight, a tanky hammer wielder, and a ranged healer - and you can customise them with gadgets and different weapons.


Throw in multiple difficulty settings that let you replay levels with even more complex combinations of gestures, and you're left with a mobile RPG experience that'll sit comfortably in your hand for hours on end.

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