Pixeljam is 10 years old this month. Happy birthday Pixeljam.

To celebrate this rare occasion, the studio has decided to roll out an update for its silly and lovable cartoon shmup Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork.

It adds two new absurdly-named invaders for you to shoot down: Angrox and Fwoggy. I hope that the latter is a frog. I love a good videogame frog.

There's also a new flamethrower for you to snuggle up to during the cold months. Or, more pertinently, to torch aliens with.

And, finally, you can battle it out in the Glorkian Homeworld as it has been added as a new environment. Presumably it's as barmy as Glork himself.

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Oh, and not only that: Pixeljam has also discounted Glorkian Warrior to just 79p / 99c. It will only be this cheap for today and tomorrow. By Saturday it'll be back at full price. So be quick.

We gave it a Bronze Award, saying that it's a "simple shooter with a big heart." Certainly worth a few pennies, then.

Finally, if you want to join in with more of Pixeljam's 10th birthday celebrations then check out its website. The studio is doing retrospectives on all its games over there.

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