Updated on March 19th at 14:20: As expected, Stormblades is also out on Android now, as well as iOS.

You can download it for free on Google Play.

Original story follows...

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Those of you lamenting the end of Infinity Blade can rejoice in the arrival of Stormblades tonight.

It's an action-RPG that, above all, features fast-paced battles with muscle-bloated guardians.

It's all gesture-based hack-'n'-slashing. So, as long as your reactions are on form, you should survive hammering fists and swords twice your size being slammed toward your head.

By parrying and attacking when your foes open up, you'll strip away their armour and expose their weak points. Then you can carefully charge in for the kill.

For more details, check out our hands-on video above, or read our hands-on preview.

Stormblades will be free to download on the UK and US App Stores at midnight.