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If you've been waiting to play Tiny Touch Tales's Card Crawl since we spotted it back in November, we have good news for you. Yep, it hits iOS at midnight.

You can watch the video above to see our hands-on time with Card Crawl. But if you just want a brief summary of the game, get reading below.

Card Crawl sits you at a table opposite a monster that, instead of eating you, deals out cards. You have to clear a dungeon represented by the 54 cards that this monster dishes out.

You do this by swapping out weapons, potions, and special abilities in your hands and knapsack. You can then use these to take on monsters when they arrive.

It's a mix of luck and tactical choices that should make for a compelling game you can play in a few minutes.

You also unlock special cards the more you play the game that you can select to appear in the deck. So you're rewarded for replays.

Card Crawl will set you back £1.49 / $1.99 if you purchase it on the UK and US App Stores after midnight.

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