I like Google Cardboard. I consider it one of the finest practical jokes a corporation has ever pulled.

The best thing about Google Cardboard, though, is how it exposes just how ridiculous VR and VR devices are without actually coming out and saying it.

Here are six reasons that VR is nothing more than a ridiculous passing fad.

1. It's expensive

Google Cardboard is free if you make your own or around £20 / $30 if you order it pre-built.

Oculus Rift, on the other hand, is a whopping £230 / $350.

2. You look ridiculous wearing it

Pop on a Google Cardboard and you'll look amusing to your friends. They'll probably think that the lengths you've gone to to reproduce VR with your phone is cute. You'll be the life of the party.

Wear Oculus Rift and no one will think any of those things.

You'll be lambasted for taking your gaming a step too far and people will call you a massive nerd because, well, you are.

3. It's the same experience you already have but inside of a box

Let's be honest with ourselves here: VR is basically you sitting closer to the television for that "extra level of immersion."

Do we really need to go to such lengths to achieve that? Why not just turn off the lights when you're playing and stick headphones in like every other sane person.

4. It's a gimmick

Like the 3D revolution before it, VR will pass us by like a particularly unpleasant fart.

It's not going to be the main event. Video games have survived in the form they're currently in for nearly fifty years and no matter how close to life the visuals get that isn't going to change.

5. If everyone uses VR who will stop us walking into things?

Before you claim that I'm being ridiculous now, picture this: four friends get together to play a multiplayer VR game. They're happily enjoying it until - oh no! Little Jonny has fallen down the stairs and broken his neck!

Unless you have a friend umpiring like a hawk, VR is a bad idea and will lead to many accidents and, occasionally, death.

6. Did Lawnmower Man teach us nothing?

Can you imagine the damage it would cause if everyone started developing telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers?

Well, it's exactly what happened in Lawnmower Man and exactly what will happen if we continue down this VR path.

In a really long-winded way, Google is trying to save us all from the eventual disaster that VR really is.

You've been warned.