Coup is a popular card game of bluffing and manipulation, and now it's on its way to iOS.

In Coup, up to four players each command a hidden hand of two cards.
There are only five types of cards, all representing a character with a special ability.

Some characters can collect more coins than others. Some can take out an opponent's card instantly.

The fun part is not knowing if your opponents are actually who they say they are.

Bluffing, manipulation, and other deceptive tactics come into play as players try to collect more coins, overthrow one another, and try not to get caught in a lie.

Banana & Co, a San Francisco-based studio, is working with the original creator of Coup to bring the competitive card game to iPhone and iPad.

Check out the Kickstarter video below.

Coup - Mobile Edition's Kickstarter is already successful at $7k USD, after asking for only $5k USD.

There are still two weeks left to go.

With the mobile version, you'll be able to organize games of Coup right on your iOS device, with friends or total strangers.

Ranked matches will let you play against others of your skill level and try to climb the ladder into the top tier of players.

An Android version is among the most expensive stretch goals, which is due to the team's smaller size.

In the future, however, the team says they would like to port Coup to both Android and Steam.

Read more about what the digital version of Coup will have in store on its Kickstarter.