Q*bert may have been one of the top arcade games of the 1980s but it didn't fare so well in its 2006 translation to mobile.

What Q*bert needs, then, is a reboot of some kind. And, oh, would you look at that, here's one called Q*bert: Rebooted. Perfect.

The big difference between Rebooted and the 2006 mobile port of Q*bert is that it's more than just the original arcade game.

Sure, Rebooted lets you play the classic with all its 2D pixel art glory. And yes, it's still about dodging enemies and jumping on blocks to convert their colour.

But it also has a new 3D take on the game. It has hexagonal blocks instead of squares, three new enemies, and seven new playable characters.

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There are also new power-ups, traps, and gems to collect. It's designed to last a little longer, to provide more variation, and to double-down on the game's odder traits.

Plus, Q*bert Classic has been made compatible with Android TV so you can play it on a larger screen for a more accurate nostalgia trip.

Hopefully, then, you get the best of both worlds: the arcade classic of old, and a newer more modern take on the same idea.

You can purchase Q*bert: Rebooted for £1.21 / $1.99 on Google Play right now.