Fans of explosions and pretty particle effects, listen up. Glorious arcade shmup Resogun is out on PS Vita right now. Yes, right now.

It has lasers, missiles, overdrive and nova-bombs. It also has glassy greens, vivid purples, and bright reds. It's a helluva thing to look at.

The reason for that may have something to do with it originally being released on PS4 - showing off the fancy new hardware.

But, somehow, Climax Studios managed to squeeze it all on to the Vita. The only major difference is that it runs at 30 FPS instead of the PS4's 60 FPS.

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But, hey, on Vita it also makes use of the touchscreen, has cross-save functionality, and has ad-hoc co-op. So there.

You can purchase Resogun on the PSN Store for £9.99. If you already own the game on PS4 then you don't have to pay for it again.