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Rocketcat Games (Wayward Souls) and Madgarden (Chillaxian) have shared a new video of their next collaboration: randomised, perma-death, zombie simulator, Death Road to Canada.

The game puts you in charge of a group of five survivors who must travel from Florida to Canada, and manage starvation, personality conflicts, and massive hordes of zombies.

There are choose-your-own-adventure style sections, and action-adventure bits where you explore random cities to scavenge for supplies and find new survivors to recruit. It's all done with cute pixel art, and a tongue firmly in its cheek.

In the new trailer, shown above, you see a particularly brave survivor leave his car in the middle of an ocean of zombies, then loot a house and lob objects at a wave of encroaching walkers.

Over on Twitter, Rocketcat's Kepa Auwae says that Canada will come to iOS, "like a month? Maybe longer?" after the Steam version.