Solo Canadian developer Chris Savory tells us that Swap Heroes will be coming to iOS next Tuesday, October 21st.

He describes Swap Heroes as being a "casual turn-based strategy adventure".

But that doesn't help you visualize just how cute this little game is.

You need to watch the video below to really appreciate the wonderful pixel art by Scribblenauts artist Tori Sang, and the soundtrack by Slayin' musician Matt Creamer.

It helps if you know and understand what you're watching, too.

Swap Heroes has you pick out a party of four characters (from a total of eight), which you'll use to battle through waves of enemies in turn-based combat.

To take a turn, you have to swap the positions of two people in your party. The three characters in the front will then attack your enemies.

Swapping a character to the single position at the back will see them using their skill, instead.

Each character does, of course, have a unique skill tied to their class - this ranges from Priest and Guardian, to Ranger and Vampire.

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While Swap Heroes is, supposedly, a casual game, we're told that if any one member of your party dies, they all do. So it should certainly pack a challenge.

The gold that you earn from successful battles can be spent on the various character upgrades available in the shop.

Swap Heroes will be sold for 69p / 99c on iOS and will have no ads or IAPs. You can find out more about it on the game's website.