WayForward and Amazon Game Studios have teamed up on Til Morning's Light, which is an action adventure coming exclusively to Amazon Fire phone.

You play as Erica Page as she finds herself unlocked inside a haunted mansion by bullies.

From there, you need to figure out how to break a 200-year-old curse, escape before the morning comes, or she'll spend eternity in there.

The game also uses Fire phone's "Dynamic Perspective". This means you'll be tilting and moving the phone around to scope out the inside of rooms from a first-person perspective.

You'll use this method to find artifacts hidden around the mansion.

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The three-part focus of Til Morning's Light is exploration, puzzle solving, and encountering and avoiding monsters. There's a number of creepy ghosts to avoid, at least.

You can listen to secret blog posts from Erica Page over on Audible.com for free. This should help you to get into her character before playing the game.

Til Morning's Light will be coming to Fire phone soon.